Absence and Performance Management

If your organisation is struggling with ongoing issues of high absence or low performance, our team of HR professionals are on hand to help. We can provide email, telephone or on-site support, personalised management plans and bespoke documents to assist line managers in meeting the ideal outcome for your organisation.

HR Absence Management

Absences are a reality in the workplace. However, staff absence management allows you to put effective procedures and policies in place to limit the negative consequences of high levels of absence.

Absence Policies

Trusted HR Ltd can work with you to develop clear absence policies that are the right fit for your organisation. This helps to reduce the number of unauthorised absences and gives your employees a clear process to follow if they are unwell. Our team of HR professionals are experts in Employment Law, so you can rest assured that your policies will be legally compliant and fully tailored to your business.

Absence Monitoring

A key element of absence management is monitoring which employees are absent from work. Trusted HR Ltd can help monitor sickness absence and annual leave to track ‘trigger points’ and advise on potential issues before they occur.

Long-term Sickness

If you are dealing with a long-term absence, we can offer support and guidance with aspects such as occupational health referrals. We can also help facilitate the employee's return to work through advice on return-to-work interviews, phased returns and flexible working hours.

Disciplinary Actions

If an employee continually violates your absence policies and other measures have been exhausted, you may need to take disciplinary action. Trusted HR Ltd can offer expert advice and recommendations to help you address the issue and deter future offences. We are fully versed in Employment Law and the Equality Act to ensure you follow the correct legal process and avoid discrimination or unfair dismissal claims.

HR Performance Management

Effective employee performance management helps employees and managers understand their roles and grow as a team. Ultimately by monitoring team members' performance, you can help your organisation grow and meet your business goals.

Performance Planning

Trusted HR Ltd can help you establish tailored goals and objectives for your team. We can ensure these align with your wider organisational goals and they are achievable and reasonable. Goal setting allows you to set clear expectations for your staff's performance and a clear timeframe for them to meet their targets.

Our expert team can create bespoke development plans to help you better manage your staff as they work towards their individual goals.

Performance Feedback and Reviews

We can also help with employee monitoring, reviews and feedback. This is an integral part of managing employee performance to ensure your staff meet their established targets and to inform future performance plans.

Our HR services:

We offer three levels of outsourced HR support to meet the daily HR needs of your organisation. All of our support packages include tailored, legally compliant documents for absences and performance management.

If you are looking for HR help with an instance of low-performance or persistent absenteeism, we offer ad hoc HR consultancy services. Our HR experts will be happy to support you and manage the case to its successful conclusion.