Conflict Resolution

When you have teams of employees working together, the need for conflict resolution in the workplace is inevitable. Whether you need support and understanding to address the circumstances surrounding a dispute, mediation between involved employees, or help to resolve issues with a disgruntled client, our expert team can provide advice, guidance and recommendations to help you deal with conflict.

If your organisation is struggling with issues between employees, our team of HR professionals can help manage any conflicts in the workplace and ultimately help all parties reach an agreement. We can assist you with holding investigations and disciplinaries, ensuring that all relevant legislation and guidelines are followed to protect your business. Our HR experts can help you to develop effective policies to help with future workplace conflict resolution. Whatever conflict you are experiencing, we are here to help.

Mediation in Conflict Resolution

Employee mediation can be an incredibly effective conflict resolution strategy. Conflict can put a strain on your team and negatively impact performance and productivity, so Trusted HR Ltd will work to quickly and discreetly assess the situation, the working environment and all parties involved.

Trusted HR Ltd can offer a recommended plan of action moving forward and provide employee mediation and team building to address the conflict. Whether you would like us to facilitate the mediation process or simply offer expert advice and guidance, our team is on hand to find a solution and support all individuals involved. We can also offer on-site visits to engage with your team and help build conflict-resolution skills if you require it.

Investigations and Disciplinaries

At Trusted HR Ltd, we can also help to conduct a disciplinary investigation, prior to taking any necessary disciplinary action. Our HR experts are fully versed in all relevant laws and regulations to ensure the formal processes are followed correctly, including following the ACAS Code on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. This helps to protect your organisation from tribunal claims, especially if the hearing results in the team member's dismissal.

Policy Development

We can also help you develop policies for the future to reduce the likelihood of further conflict. This might include incorporating a code of conduct in your employee handbook, ensuring that all staff members are aware of your company's conflict resolution process.

Trusted HR Ltd can help to develop policies that are tailored to your organisation's values and needs. Our expert team can draft all forms of legally compliant documentation, including employee handbooks, policies, and casework, to help prevent disagreements and give you a clear process to follow to resolve conflict if any arises.

Our HR Conflict Resolution services:

We offer three levels of outsourced HR support to support your organisation’s daily HR needs. This includes legally compliant documentation and unlimited use of our HR advice line to support you with any conflict resolution needs.

If you are looking for ad hoc HR consultancy services to help support your business in conflict resolution or any other HR issue, we can help. Our expert team will be happy to support you to manage the conflict to a successful resolution.