Employee Wellbeing

At Trusted HR Ltd, we know that employees can make or break a business.

That’s why we offer personalised Employee Wellbeing service packages tailored to fit your organisation’s values, environment and needs.

Taking the time to listen to your employees and act upon their needs has been shown to have a significant improvement on staff turnover, wellbeing, and job satisfaction. Improving employee wellbeing is not just good for your staff, it's also good for your business.

Our Employee Wellbeing Support Service

Our confidential one-to-one wellbeing chat service is designed to support employees on any personal issues or mental health problems they are experiencing or any issues the company may be facing. Whilst we are not trained counsellors, we have a wealth of experience and high-quality provision that we use to signpost people to. 

We then analyse and compile the feedback data to build a scheduled feedback report. This offers valuable insight into your organisation’s and your employee’s strengths, weaknesses, wants and needs. We will also provide guidance and recommendations in accordance with company policies and employment law throughout the process. This allows you to make adjustments to aspects, such as company culture or work-life balance, to reduce stress levels, improve workplace wellbeing, and ultimately boost productivity and growth.

At a reasonable charge, we can also provide periodic on-site visits to promote and ensure your organisation’s culture, communications, values and vision are reflected across all levels.

Our HR services:

We offer three outsourced HR support packages to meet your organisation’s HR needs. We always take the time to build relationships with your staff so we can see the big picture of what is going on in your business.

We also offer ad hoc HR services if you require short-term support with a specific problem or ad hoc HR consulting.