Employment Contract and Handbooks

TrustedHR Ltd provide all your employees with a fully personalised and legally compliant contract of employment. Our contracts are created using tested and approved policies and wording designed to suit all audiences. Contracts are sent to the employee and employer, and a signed copy is stored on our highly-secure database for ease of access and immediate response to any issues that may occur.

Your Staff Handbook is meticulously created using precise, legally-compliant policies which are tailored to you and approved by accredited Employment Law experts. We start by understanding the needs of your organization based on a comprehensive system of questions and parameters. Once we agree on the essential and desirable policies, we can begin creating a bespoke and legally-compliant Handbook especially for you.

In keeping with modern technology, our Staff Handbooks are available online via your own company-wide login, making it easily accessible for all employees from a smart phone, tablet or computer. The handbooks are updated at least once yearly to reflect relevant changes or developments, and additional policies can be provided.

GDPR and Employment Law Compliance