HR Consultancy

If your organisation is struggling with a problem or potential issue, our team of qualified HR professionals, up to CIPD Level 7, are here to help you manage the case to a successful conclusion.

If you are looking for expert advice and support handling an issue on an ad hoc basis, our team is here to help. Our HR consultancy service can assist with a range of projects, such as a pay review, TUPE or redundancy.  We provide valuable, professional consultancy to a range of organisations across the UK. Whether you need short, medium or long-term, our HR experts are the solution.

Trusted HR Ltd will be on hand for support, guidance, documents, compliance and recommendations throughout every step of the process. We focus on your mission, values and ideal outcomes, and take the time to understand your situation, circumstances and needs. Our professional HR team can create bespoke documents, guidance and recommendations based on the client and the case.

Request a consultation to see how we can help with your HR needs. Trusted HR offers a free, 60-minute, no-obligation consultation on any HR issue to help you get started.

We can help with…

Employment Contracts and Employee Handbooks

If you require assistance with internal documentation, our expert team can provide you with tailored contracts of employment, staff handbooks and company policies. Our staff will ensure that all your documentation is fully legally compliant.

Change Management

We can offer help with change management, including aspects such as restructuring, succession planning and contingency planning, to help ensure a smooth and successful transition for your company - with all relevant documents to ensure legal compliance.

Advancement and Development

Trusted HR Ltd offer quarterly leadership development masterclasses tailored towards current managers and leaders.

Employee Wellbeing

We offer employee well-being support services, as well as support and guidance on flexible working practices, interpretation and the practical application of the Equality Act 2010, and workplace bullying.

Absence and Performance Management

If you are struggling with high rates of absence, long-term absence, or low performance, we offer HR consulting to identify issues, create effective management plans, and provide advice on all actions to lead to the right outcome.

Conflict Resolution

Our expert consulting team can help with existing conflict by assisting with employee mediation, disciplinaries and investigations, and reduce the likelihood of future conflict by developing effective policies.

Specialist HR Consulting for Small Businesses

We also offer specialised HR consulting for small and medium-sized businesses to help them grow and develop.

Why Choose Trusted HR Ltd?

We are a specialist HR consulting firm with over 60 years of combined experience. Our HR consultants have a range of skills that include those who are fully qualified in Leadership, Project Management, HR, Employment Law and Finance – key components in developing your business.

When it comes to business development, we believe that the key lies in reviewing existing ways of working and maximising your current strengths to reach new levels of potential. We will work with you to achieve the highest levels of profitability and review your structures and processes to ensure the optimum balance in each area. 

Read more about our people-oriented approach to Human Resources.

Looking For Long-term or Ongoing HR Support?

We also offer a range of Outsourced HR services designed to support your organisation's day-to-day HR needs, provide expert HR advice and recommendations, and deal with any issues or concerns as they arise.